Annika Leone - The mom, the journalist, the blogger and much, much more

She is the single mom who is a journalist, blogger, body activist and food lover. You see her on Swedish television and online. AntonFrans can also tell you that Annika is a warm person with a good heart. To help others and give back is a certainty for Annika. Thank you Annika!

Why is it important to make a difference?

To do what you can for others - big or small - is to me what makes us human. I find it natural to give back and make a difference.

Why do you chose to model for AntonFrans?

I really love the idea of ”what if consumption could give back..”. More companies should engage in charity!

What cause do you support?

I am a parent for PLAN International and really want to help out so that more children has the possibility to go to school. Especially girls who often needs the extra help to get that possibility