AntonFrans proudly presents Julia Frej

Awesome jack of all trades Julia Frej got in front of our camera and d*?n it came out great! The model who became as TV-show host and music comedy duo with Kakan Hermansson. On TV she hosted Ink Master Sweden. Julia loves working with children and is an educated music educator. Music is the focus at the moment and she spends most of her time songwriting. 

Julia on conscious choices

I have found a way of combining my passion for music and love of children, a way were I make a difference. After volunteering for I AM YOU in a refugee camp I had the fortune of being able to use my experience working with kids and music. Together with I AM YOU we created I AM MUSIC. When you experience what children of war experience it can be a relief and comfort in every day to sit down and listen to a gitarr playing music and songs from the homeland. Sing together and try to laugh is essential when you are surrounded of misery. All people love music and it is a wonderful means of helping and supporting. 

Why do you choose to model for AntonFrans

All companies should give back and support charity. The West is so fortunate and we need to give back to others. We need to be equal and have equal opportunities for the world to develop. AntonFrans gives a significant share of their turnover and that is a action that makes a difference. When you buy a pair of AntonFrans you know that money will be donated to the cause of your choice. It is easy for companies to say that a percentage of their profit will be donated to charity but it doesn´t have to mean anything. If we all contribute, even on the smallest scale, we will make a difference. I recall a story about a little girl who after a storm is saving starfish by throwing them back into the sea. A man tells the little girl that she can´t save them all so what does it matters if she throws some of them back. The little girl answers that it matters for starfish that she saves. You don't have to save the world on your own but do something, make a difference.