The Ex High Jumper who is actively fighting mental ill-health

Linus is amongst those few who has jumped 50 cm over his own hight. With only 2,5 years of training he high jumped 2,3 meters at the age of 18. He has been ranked 3rd best high jumper in the world and has a personal record of 2,38 meters. With medals from WC, EC and the Olympics Linus is one of the best high jumpers ever from Sweden, and that says a lot. Today Linus actively fights mental ill-health, trying to spread awareness and understanding  were many chose to be silent.

Why is it important to make a difference?

In 2010 I was struck by mental ill-health and had no understanding of this tabu subject. During my fight to get back from fatigue depression I realized that there was almost no help to get. As a public person I used this opportunity to spread awareness through media and my lectures in hope of shedding light on this matter. I hope that my efforts will result in fewer cases of mental ill-health and increased help from healthcare. 

Why do you chose to model for AntonFrans?

To get the possibility to model for the cause I am fighting for, for a brand supporting that cause is a no-brainer for me. That it also gets me some really good looking sunglasses is a added bonus :)

What cause do you support?

I support AldrigEnsam (NeverAlone)!