Our causes

We believe in making a difference. Thats why 15 % of every purchase is donated to a charity. Thats 15 % of the turn over so that you know exactly what difference you made by choosing AntonFrans. We also believe that everyone has that special cause that they want to support. Thats why we leave that choice to you. You decide what is important for you. Thank you for making a difference.


Child Cancer
In children, the number of deaths between the ages 1-19, cancer is the number one cause. 57% of deaths is cancer to blame. No one wants to see there child suffer. Cancer will be cured it is a matter of time and money. 

Mental il-health
The growing mental il-health among young is the main reason for suicides in the US and Europe. Not being up to par or feeling insufficient is the concern of many young in todays digitalized landscape. The result of bullying or being left out is in the worst case suicide. 

Being one of the most common deceases in the US and Europe we still haven't found a cure for this lethal condition. The global cost for Alzheimers and Dementia is estimated to $605 billion and that is not mentioning the suffering from the patients and their loved ones. We are close to finding a cure but more is needed. 

Not much to say. Lets make this one disappear.

Animal Rescue
Animals are great! We love em, unfortunately thats not the case for every one. There are a bunch of sadistic idiots out there and thats why we need to contribute to this cause.

Childrens Rights
This should be a no-brainer but again we are dealing with idiots around the world. Children are suffering from war, sexual abuse, racism and the list goes on and on. Thats just wrong.