Our Mission

 AntonFrans is dedicated to our mission of delivering quality sunglasses that make a difference. We are part of a rebellion that is raising the bar for ´premium sunglasses and taking on an industry that's broken and tired. We believe that the things you buy should serve you well and make a difference.

The sunglass industry is broken, tired, and outdated.

There is a sea of middle men and intricate distribution channels before your sunglasses ever wind up in your hands.
We’re changing that.

AntonFrans tells the truth about the sunglass industry. An industry that cheats you out of quality by dazzling you with advertising that makes you believe you’ll become someone you’re not by buying a specific sunglass brandThe real truth is far from the image they convey. Truth is, you are buying the same pair of shades whether you’re buying Ray Bans or Tom Fords. They all have the same crazy markup. They all come from the same factory. And they all don’t give back to people and the planet.

We’re transforming the sunglass industry for good.