The shades

So, we make shades and combine it with charity. Search Alibaba for a cheap manufacturer and slap a brand on it and deliver 15 % of every purchase to charity. Well that could be the case but it´s not. We happen to know that the sunglass industry has a dirty little secret, check out this link if you don't believe us ( They have made the decision that you do not care about quality, that you are so shallow that the brand is the most important part for you. You really need to check out the link cause we can't rant enough about it.

We believe in making a awesome product that makes a difference too. You make a difference and get great quality. All our materials are sourced from the best Italian manufacturers and when we know that we have great quality materials we put them into a meticulous process that ensures a finish blowing the competition aside. For example, we tumble our temples and frames for 48 hours to get a smooth finish that leaves you with no sunglass marks. You won't notice on your face that you have been wearing a pair of AntonFrans. We take immense pride in our product and want deliver the best possible to you as you are making a difference by choosing us.

In short, Look Good Do Good